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  • 汽车底盘件
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  • 法兰
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Water Based Nano Zinc Flake Coating

1. Two-component system, can be used after mixing ingredients; 2.VOC below 350g/L 3. Curing temperature is usually about 330℃-360℃ 4.1000h@10um Neutral salt spray (ASTM B117) 5. Patents and technology (low curing temperature) 6. Excellent performance.
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Product details

The anti corrosion Mechanism of Cooyer Water Base Nano zinc flake coating:

1. Cathodic protection:Zinc sacrificial protection, zinc salt passivation;
2. Physical shielding (covering and structural shielding):Water vapor, oxygen and ion impermeable shielding;
3. Coating self repair:Nano hydrophobic and self-healing coatings.

The performance of Cooyer Solvent Base Nano zinc flake coating:

1.Anti corrosion application of steel parts, alloy parts and aluminum parts;
2.Cathodic protection, Good heat resistance,Good corrosion resistance and Self repair of coating;;
3.Thin coating anti-corrosion,DFT: 8-10um , NSST> 1000 h, No red rust (ASTM B117);
4.Good chemical resistance, compatible with finish paint, Chromium free, Meet the requirements of environmental protection regulations;
5.Low curing temperture for water based products;
6.No hydrogen embrittlement, Suitable for high strength parts;
7.Conductive, High temperature resistant, Long-term resistance to 300 ℃, and some products can withstand 400 ℃;
8.Flexible coating process : spraying and dipping (basket dipping and throwing, tooling dipping and dropping);
9.Meet the requirements of GB/T30512-2014 requirements for prohibited substances in automobiles;;
10.Meet the requirements of GB24409-2020 and GB30981-2020.

1. Fasteners, chassis parts, springs, locks, clamp;
2. Oil pipe, brake disc, exhaust pipe, other steel - based special-shaped parts, etc.


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