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Air drying anticorrosive coating

1. Silver product, room temperature curing, good recoating; 2. The products are widely used in port and ocean engineering, bridge engineering, wind power engineering and power facilities engineering.
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Product details

Performance of Cooyer Air drying anticorrosive coating

Low Curing Temp.:
Cured under Room temp or 80℃~120℃ for 1 hour;

Excellent Adhesion:
Excellent adhesion on steel surfaces;
Gt0 adhesion class accrording to ISO 2409-2013.

Perfect Corrosion Protection:
Good combination with steel surfaces, perfect corrosion protection;
DFT 20-40um, no white and red   rust after 1000h NSST according to DIN EN ISO9227.


Suitable for the combination parts that non-resistant to high temp.;
Suitable for the large geometry parts that difficult to be heat curing;
Suitable for onsite coating fixing.


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