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TOP7XX Organic Topcoat

Product appearance: currently available in black and silver; Product system: waterbase, organic coating, low VOC. Performance: sealed, adjustable friction coefficient.
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Product details

TOP7XX series Water based organic surface coating performance characteristics:
Improve appearance:
1. Uniform surface, high sense;
2. Color optional, black, silver, other;
3. Gloss adjustable, Light color,  matt color.

Product performance:
1. Scratch resistance, wear resistance;
2. Lubrication characteristics, color adjustable, gloss adjustable, friction coefficient control, weather resistance;
3. Long-term tolerance of gasoline, oil and diesel.

1. Threaded fasteners;
2. Car chassis parts, spring, lock;
3. Oil pipe, exhaust pipe, other steel based special-shaped parts, etc.
4. Contact with fuel and organic parts, engine compartment, fuel line clamp;


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